Using Your Thinking to Manage Your Weight

In this article we are going to take a look at 3 top mind training tips that you can easy implement to give your motivation a boost and assist you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Tip #1: Decide to make positive and realistic goals.

 In NLP, we realize that our thinking is vital when it comes to successful completing our desired outcomes and goals. So you make have a goal that is realistic and positively stated. This is important because your mind can’t process a negative, for example if I said to you don’t think about a red car, what are you thinking about? Even though I told you not to think about a red car, you did have a picture of a red car. So your weight loss and your fitness goals must be positively stated and realistic so that you can focus on them and get to where you want to be.

Tip #2: Pay attention to what you say to yourself.

We all talk to ourselves inside our minds and this is what we call self talk. The problem is that people generally do not police their self talk and can be, inadvertently, giving themselves the wrong instructions. Being overly critical of yourself will not allow you to achieve your desired results. It’s not immediately obvious that repeating to yourself over and over again, “I don’t want to be fat anymore” is counterproductive and will cause you to be fat. So you need to change your self talk and start stating positively to yourself how you want to be instead, for example, “I am physical active and I enjoy exercise,” “I am making healthy food choices, “ “I can achieve my goals,” “I deserve to make this change now.”

Tip #3: Visualization

Use the power of your mind to create a clear visual image of the new you. Looking though your own eyes, as if it were happening now, imagine what you will see when you have reached your weight loss goal. What will you hear? How will you feel with all the transformational results you have achieved? In knowing that now, what will accomplishing this goal allow you to do? As you think about it, create in your mind’s eye a sensory rich picture of how it will be. Make sure that the picture includes visual aspects, maybe you looking at yourself in the mirror. Sounds, like the compliments your family members are giving you. Feelings, like feeling delighted with all that you have achieved and excited about the future in light of attaining this outcome. Plus any tastes or smells that might be important. Remember to include some positive self talk that we mentioned earlier in this article.Summary: In conjunction with your work out regime, diet plan and supplements, remember to utilize the power of your mind to assist you to create outstanding results with your weight loss goals. These include designing goals that are realistic and positively stated, policing your self talk and ensuring it is focused on your success and visualizing what it will be like achieving your goal.

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