Top 4 Ways to Avoid Boredom at the Gym

The simple fact is, that no matter how much you enjoy exercising or working out, boredom can set in with you keep repeating the same exercise routine. The problem is that this boredom will cause you to lose motivation, that dip in motivation will cause your performance to drop and you will stop getting the results you want to achieve. So to stay on track with your fitness goals, is to create variety within your exercise regime. Get a program update every 4 to 6 weeks and that way you will avoid those feelings of boredom, maintain your motivation and prevent any potential weight loss plateau. 

1. Swap the Treadmill for the Cross Trainer. Although running is great exercise and burns lots of calories, it can be quite hard going on your joints as clock up the miles on the treadmill at the gym. Plus because you are stationary on a machine, the same scenery week in, week out can get pretty boring. So mix it up and swap your run for a session on the cross trainer which like the treadmill, provides you with a fantastic cardio vascular work out while protecting those important knee and ankle joints. It’s also a useful piece of kit to use when the winter weather sets in and rather than exercising outside, you can burn those calories indoors instead.

2. Yoga is a popular form of exercise that has many benefits for your health including, improving your balance, muscle tone and strength as well as your flexibility. If you are getting bored of the same poses and routines within your existing yoga class, then why not try another style of yoga? Book yourself in for one of the following, Ashtanga Yoga, Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga because these style of yoga classes are more challenging. This will allow you to take yourself to the next level and renew your motivation at the same time.

3. Staying in shape or losing weight is easier to achieve when you include some strength training within your fitness regime. Typical this would require that you use the weights or resistance machines in the gym which can end up being a fairly monotonous part of your program. So give TRX a go. It’s the hottest new thing in most gyms at the moment. TRX suspension machines will assist you to work your whole body, toning up the muscles by using your body weight and gravity. It’s a great way to avoid boredom and shape up.

4. Cycling is another great way to improve your cardio vascular fitness, however it can be boring using the stationary cycles in the gym to get this benefit. So swap the stationary cycle for a Spinning class and give your motivation a boost while efficiently burning more calories. Spinning is great fun, exercising with other people is motivating and being part of a class lead by an instructor is inspiring. Spinning classes are usually 45 minutes to 60 minutes long and you can expect to burn significantly more calories than if you were working out on your own.

These are our Top 4 Ways to Avoid Boredom at the Gym.

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