Key Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure Your Weight Loss Success

When you decide to create a change for yourself, one of the most important things you must learn is to maintain your boundaries. Do not let anyone step on your boundaries and equally do not tread on your own boundaries either. What does that mean? You have to be assertive. You’ve decided that this goal and way of being is important to you, so you most respect yourself enough and support yourself in creating this change. So if someone offers you something, that if you ate or drank it, it would put you off track, say “No thanks”. When you say “No thanks” then mean it. Even if their response is, “Go on, you know you like these! Go on, one won’t hurt!” This is the process of not letting people tread on your boundaries. You must also uphold your boundaries by not having sneaky cookies from the cookie jar because then that would be you, treading on your own boundaries. If you do not maintain your boundaries, you will not achieve the results that you say you want.

A great question to ask yourself is; do I really want to lose weight?

You might say, “Well of course I do!” The proof is whether you are taking action towards what you want and supporting yourself in achieving that goal, i.e. maintaining your boundaries. If you choice to stay on the path of eating too much or eating foods that are unhealthy or not exercising, then that will maintain the problems you have associated with being overweight and you will continue to gain weight.

We’re not saying you have to change. Just consider for a moment though, what will the outcome be if you don’t change anything, how will your life be 20 years from now? Will it work well for you, if at the age of 80 years old, you turn around and you announce, “Now I have the time to exercise, to eating healthily and deal with my emotions instead of overeating?”

Another great question to ask yourself is; do you I how to change?

You may be aware of the basic formula for weight loss, i.e. Eat Less and Move More. However if you are unsure of what you should eat less of (and what you should include more of) in your diet, then you must seek professional advice. That is the same for increasing your activity levels; get professional assistance to design a work out plan for you, which will allow you to accomplish your goals.

Next ask yourself; am I prepared to do what it takes to achieve this outcome?

It’s important to know within yourself that you are committed to making this happen. To create a change, it no good hoping, wishing or praying for the result; you are guaranteed to create the results you want when you take action and do something about it. Otherwise it just ends up as a vague, hazy idea.

Then discover and deal with any obstacles by asking yourself, what’s preventing me from achieving this?

By asking that question you can elicit and deal with any barriers to your success.

Another important question is to find out; what do I need to motivate me?

Some people are great at motivating themselves, while others find that making a commitment to a buddy or support group helps them. Alternatively, get a coach, it’s a great way to keep you motivated and ensure you stay on track.

Finally, consider these vital questions that will allow you to think in a new and multi-dimensional way:

1. What will happen if I do?

2. What will happen if I don’t?

3. What won’t happen if I do?

4. What won’t happen if I don’t?

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