How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Successfully Win Your Weight Loss Battle

NLP or (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has a solid history of as a set of tools and techniques for creating incredible changes in all areas of life. Increasingly popular within business, NLP is a well recognized modality that individuals can utilise to win the battle of the bulge. In this article we are going to take a look at 5 ways that you can use NLP to successful lose weight.

1.  NLP assists you to think differently,

What you hold in your mind and how you think has a direct impact on your goals and outcomes, both in terms of your weight and your fitness. NLP is a powerful set of tools that change assist you to change your mind so that you can learn to enjoy exercise and discover that the path to weight loss is easier than you first thought.

2.  NLP stops your negative self talk.

NLP can teach you to rein in that inner critic, you know. The one who can talk you into doing things and also can talk you out of doing things too! So many people fail to get to their goals because they self sabotage themselves with their negative self talk. NLP assists you to stop it and replace it with positive affirmations to motivate you to achieve all that you desire.

3.  NLP allows you to overcome self imposed limitations.

Our conditioning and our environment does not always support us with how we want to be now and in the future. In fact, what happens is that we walk around carrying our doubts and limiting beliefs, which if left unchecked, can lead to an impoverished lifestyle. Your brain operates like a computer and with NLP, we can change the programs that the brain is running to create the results that you want.

4.  NLP is focused on the solutions.

Too many people get caught up in the details of a problem and keep asking themselves “why?” “Why has this happened to me?”, “Why can’t I lose the weight?”, “Why me?” Unfortunately, “why” type of questions lead back to the problem and the truth is, for a problem to disappear you need to focus on the solution. If you focus on what you want to have, do or be, then you will create that for yourself. Focussing on the problem will only serve to maintain it. So NLP is extremely useful for shifting your focus onto the solutions and the results.

5.  NLP gets you motivated.

Motivation is the key for creating a change. Taking massive action and consistently doing what you need to do is going to get you your results. NLP gives you the skills to understand how you get motivated and then how to maintain that motivation so that you consistently accomplish your goals. You’ll be able to figure out what strategies, patterns of behavior and thinking are going to support you in your weight loss and fitness goals.

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