How to Quit Smoking and Avoid Weight Gain

A lot of people use weight gain as an excuse to maintain their smoking habit. Some people fear that is they quit smoking then they will automatically pile on the extra pounds. This doesn’t have to be true for you! If you approach quitting smoking with a different mindset and adopt these recommended strategies you can successfully quit smoking and also avoid gaining weight.

Let’s take a look at how this works:

Nicotine speeds up your metabolic rate, so when you quit smoking and you no longer have that nicotine in your system then your metabolic rate can slow down. So first of all you need to find a new way to increase your metabolic rate in a healthy way. E.g. PHEN375 fat burning supplement is an effective and safe was to boost your metabolic rate instead.

Smoking is also a behavior that causes the person to use their hands and involves then putting a cigarette in their mouth. So sometimes when an individual quits smoking, they unconsciously look for and find a replacement for using their hands and having something in their mouth. The common replacement for these behaviors is to pick up food and eat it! What can happen then is the person uses food repeatedly as a substitute for smoking and with the increase of food in their system the extra calories end up being stored as fat.

Exercise Can Help You

Taking up exercise and working out is an easy and obvious way to help you to lose weight and avoid the discomfort of weight gain from quitting smoking. It’s a proven strategy for people wanting to quit successful, to include exercise in your schedule. There are many benefits to exercise; we listed some of the most exciting ones below:

1. You’ll feel positive – exercise is a proven way to make you feel great

2. Exercise reduces stress

3. Exercise is an effective way to eliminate cravings for cigarettes

4. Exercise is a great for getting rid of depression

5. Boost your motivation and confidence by taking exercise

6. Exercise is a marvellous way to improve your physical performance and the condition of your body

By incorporating exercise into your plan, you are reinforcing your commitment to creating a healthy body and lifestyle for yourself. Here are some ideas for exercise that will get you through anytime you have a craving for a cigarette:

Boost your metabolic rate and with a craving busting 10 minute walk.

Keep on track by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and burn some extra calories each day.

Stay fit at work by fitting in an express workout at the gym during lunchtime.

Incorporating a Health Diet for Your Success

As well as adopting exercise as part of your quit smoking and weight loss strategy for success, you should incorporate a healthy diet in this equation. Cut out all the sweets and fatty food which are not your friends because they are high calorie offenders! If you fancy a cigarette because you feel the need to occupy your hands and have something in your mouth, opt for a low calorie and healthy alternative instead. Here are some useful suggestions:

Snack on dried fruit and nuts

Chew sugar free gym

Avoid fast food restaurants

Choose to munch on celery or carrot sticks for a guilt free option

Increase your water intake; keep yourself hydrated with calorie free water!

By creating a plan and organize your time and also organize what’s in your refrigerator and your desk, so that you have healthy food options available to you. Plus have a plan for if you have a craving for a cigarette with a strategy in place for what you are going to do instead. By planning and preparing you will be able to focus on creating the healthy changes that you want without smoking and without gaining weight.

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