10 Ultimate Body Transformation Secrets

So many people want and need a physical makeover—a total-body transformation. And so many people have made resolutions to make it happen. But the usual result is that they fall flat, some after only a few weeks! Why is it so difficult for so many?

Is it lack of motivation? Is it weak will-power or lack of discipline? Those can contribute, but the real culprit is misinformation. People just don’t know the fastest methods, or tactics, if you will, to make their body-transformation efforts a rousing success—and that’s a darned shame!

But looking great is only part of it, as you’ll see. We’re convinced that if more people exercised correctly—it doesn’t take as much as you think— and ate right most of the time, our health-care and obesity crisis in this country would be nonexistent. In fact, many doctors would have to get part-time jobs because there wouldn’t be enough business.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s get to the “secrets” that can get you healthier and in fantastic shape, tips you can use to literally transform yourself

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