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Truth About ABS Review

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Does Truth About Abs Work, The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Truth About Abs Reviews, Mike Geary PDF The Truth About Abs
The “Truth About Abs” is actually an eBook that’s written by Mike Geary, who is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. This eBook was first published in 2004. This book claims to contain all such useful information that’s designed to teach us how to get a six pack and burn fat.


Truth about ABS review:
Now the question is does this eBook actually works as it claims? Before giving the answer let me tell you one incident. Almost 1 year ago, I was really quite healthy, and had put on quite a good amount of weight. I desperately wanted to loose weight by burning fats, and also wanted to create abs. But I was totally confused how to do that. That’s why I went market to buy some fitness books along with this book. Honestly speaking there is a huge number of books which do a lot of fake promises but of no use. Those are completely rubbish and I don’t want to name them as well. This is the only book which actually served my purpose of burning fat and develop abs. After having purchased this book I read the course of the book and digested the information that it contained. I read it for almost 2.5 days, and then started following the course. Well, after I started using the course teachings from the course or the eBook, I tried losing my weight from that course. I took both before and after photos 1 year apart. Now to my surprise, what I learned from the book and after trying those teachings I actually lost 175 lbs of fat, which is quite a good amount. Now I feel like free bird after losing so much weight. Hence, I will always recommend the readers to go through the Truth about ABS review once, if you really are serious about losing weight and develop abs, effectively.


Truth about ABS cons:
1. This is not suitable for everyone: This product is not a quick fix or a magic pill; hence if you are looking for an overnight fix in weight, then this book is absolutely not for you. You definitely need to put in some effort as well as time for a satisfactory result.
2. This Book is quite detailed: Hence you need full concentration, and it will take almost 2 to 3 days to get acquainted with the book.
3. This book promotes very difficult workouts: Hence if you’re into crunches or sit ups only, then you’ll definitely be disappointed.

Truth about ABS pros:
1. A good emphasis on good nutrition: In order to reduce the body fat, you need to eat smarter and fresher foods. There’s no need to eliminate any of the food groups like fat and carbohydrate.
2. It encourages you to have food more often: This product emphasizes on 3 main meals along with 3 mini meals per day, which reduce your food cravings.
4. Great illustrations of workouts being shown: These exercises work on our larger muscle groups, and hence it works our core harder.
5. The company has a refund policy: Which means if you’re not satisfied, then you can always ask for the money refunded.


Truth about ABS conclusion:
Hence, after going through all the above mentioned points, I can say that this product is extremely good and satisfactory product for anyone, who is in search of a good weight lose program. This book guides you towards that via some exercises and balanced diet. The book doesn’t instruct you to use any expensive machines; neither does it recommend you to change your food. Hence this is really a good book for health.

Old School New Body Review

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Old school New Body, Real Old School New Body Review, The Old-school Workout Workout Program, Old School New Body Pdf, Old School New Body Exercises, Old School New Body F4x Reviews Old School New Body is created by Steve and Becky Holman. This program gives us the scientific fact about looking young. When we actually reach 40 years of age that time the aging process starts accelerating markedly if we do not provide our bodies with the right kind of nutrients as well as proper exercise that it needs. This program was actually designed for people over the age of 40.

Old school New Body, Real Old School New Body Review, The Old-school Workout Workout Program, Old School New Body Pdf, Old School New Body Exercises, Old School New Body F4x Reviews

Old School New Body review:
Day by day the health care costs are rising in an alarming way. This program is a real weight loss and health program for real people and this offers real results also. The price of this program is also very less, lesser than the price of even some of the fake anti-aging lotions as well as potions. This program can help you get fit and healthy. You may even look up to 10 years younger with such a less cost. I personally used this program, and to my surprise it really worked a lot for me. I am in my forties now, but after going through the program provided by this book, now I really feel like I am in my thirties. It’s really an awesome program, and this is not at all fake unlike other programs provided by some other companies.

Old school New Body pros:

  1. This program helps in learning muscle fatiguing techniques: You can learn the correct muscle fatiguing techniques so as to tone your body and grow muscle mass.
  2. Helps in customizing healthy nutritional meals: You can learn how you can customize healthy nutritional meals. You can also customize your times as when to eat as well as when not to eat.
  3. Helps in increasing sex drive: Every one wants to look younger by 10 or more years than what their age exactly is. Hence you can learn how to increase your sex drive along with to look 10 years or younger from this program.
  4. Helps to revitalize you: This program improves mood, energy, and also relieves depression naturally. Thus thereby, increasing your stamina as well as appetite.
  5. Helps in speeding up the metabolism rate: This is the only program that helps you to learn how you can speed up your metabolism rate. Increasing the metabolism rate helps you in increasing your appetite and also helps you in burning the fat, as the energy required for metabolism is generated from the stored fat only.
  6. Learning: This program provides you the opportunity to learn how you can feel after having started the session and also how to look 10 years younger.

Old school New Body cons:

  1. Not available in stores: This product is not sold in stores, and hence one has to buy online only from the company’s website.
  2. Rigorous program: The program is short, but quite rigorous in nature. This program is for almost 20-30 minutes per day and three days per week.
  3. Dedication is must: To achieve and maintain your goals of looking 10 years younger, you have to stay dedicated with the program, although this is same for any other diet programs.

Old school New Body, Real Old School New Body Review, The Old-school Workout Workout Program, Old School New Body Pdf, Old School New Body Exercises, Old School New Body F4x Reviews

Old school New Body conclusion:
Hence after going through all the points mentioned above, I can surely say that, if you are serious about your health loss and rejuvenation process, then you must consider this program. This program is without any doubt worth your every penny.


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