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Adiphene – Weight Loss Supplement

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Adiphene- Weight Loss Supplement
What is Adiphene?
Adiphene is a scientifically-proven weight loss supplement. The supplement has the ability to help users lose weight quickly because its ingredients are designed to boost metabolism. In addition to boosting and stimulating the metabolism, the supplement also
* Reduces fat absorption
* Reduces carbohydrate absorption
* Increases energy levels
* Allows users to feel more energetic
* Works as a fat inhibitor
* Reduces the appetite of the user

The ingredients contained in Adiphene include five stimulants, and two thermogenic boosters. These ingredients are what allow the user to experience a boost in metabolism, which in-turn leads to weight loss.

Adiphene Adiphene

Adiphene Ingredients – The five stimulants include:
* Bitter orange which was shown in a 2002 Journal of Medicine study to be the best possible thermogenic substitute for the ingredient ephedra. After the ban of ephedra by the Food and Drug administration, many people turned to bitter orange as a replacement for the potent diet and weight loss ingredient. In addition, a government agency that is highly regarded approved bitter orange as a way to suppress appetite.
* Chromium picolinate is an ingredient shown to increase the efficiency of insulin, which is instrumental in determining how much fat is stored in the body. Chromium is believed to stimulate the activity of insulin, which speeds the breakdown of glucose and fat. Research has suggested chromium works by increasing the sensitivity of the body’s insulin receptors. Most foods consumed in high levels in the American diet are devoid of Chromium, because it is removed during processing.
* Guarana Extract comes from a small bean found primarily in South America. The seeds of Guarana are rich in caffeine, which means the extract of this plant has an impact on metabolic rates. It is also valuable as an appetite suppressant and enhances physical and mental performance. Similarly to caffeine, Guarana is valuable as a weight loss aid because it stimulates certain hormones from the adrenal glands that force the body to burn more stored fat. In addition to fat-fighting capabilities, the extract of this exotic plant also increases mental alertness and energy levels, fights fatigue and increases stamina. Guarana is absorbed more slowly than traditional types of caffeine, so the energy levels from this ingredient can be sustained over a longer period of time.
* Ginseng panax root extract 10% is an herb that is believed to have an effect on carbohydrate metabolism, which means it can potentially aid in the management of blood sugar levels. It was reported in the Phytotherapy Research Journal that an ingredient found in ginseng has an ability to inhibit differentiation in the cells that store fat as energy.
* Cacao extract is known to inhibit fat storage and increase the metabolism of fat. A recently released study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry discovered that properties of cocoa could potentially inhibit the digestion of fats and carbohydrates.

The two thermogenic ingredients are:
* Cinnamon extract which has been shown in a number of studies to reduce insulin resistance and blood glucose levels sustained during fasting. Both of these are associated with abdominal fat. Cinnamon has also been proven to lower the glycemic effect of a meal, which means that the foods consumed during a meal will be absorbed more slowly, preventing a spike in blood sugar levels.

* Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G is a highly concentrated substance that allows the active ingredients in Adiphene to be taken to the places in the body where they’re needed in order to produce results. Capsicum is a spice found in hot chilies, which aids in the burning of fat, because the heat from the chilies forces the body to work hard to cool itself down, burning calories in the process. Cayenne has also been shown to increase a body’s core temperature, which can lead to the burning of nearly 300 extra calories per day.

The fat metabolizers in Adiphene are:

* Glucomannan is an appetite suppressant, which works by absorbing water and increasing in size, which fills the stomach to give a feeling of fullness.

* Chitosan extract is a fat binder that grabs fats located in the stomach, and carries them through the digestive system so they are eliminated by the body, instead of being absorbed.

* Adiphene contains three fat metabolizers, including Vitamin B6, L-carnitine HCL, and ginger root extract.

Directions for Use To see results with Adiphene:
* Take one capsule with 8 oz. of water, 20 minutes before breakfast
* One capsule with 8 oz. of water, 20 minutes before lunch
Three months is the optimum amount of time to take Adiphene, because this is the amount of time most bodies require to make big changes in how the metabolism works. During this time, exercise is not required to lose weight, but if a user does opt to exercise while simultaneously taking Adiphene, the user will likely experience more dramatic weight loss results.

Ordering Adiphene
Adiphene should only be ordered from the manufacturer, to ensure a pure, authentic product. is the authentic retailer of the weight loss supplement, and it can be ordered through their website or by phone.
The official retailer of the product offers savings for buying multiple bottles of the product, particularly three month supplies. It is recommended that users take at least three months’ worth of the product in order to have maximum results, which is why the site offers this special deal. One bottle of Adiphene contains a one month supply of 60 pills.


Discover Adiphene Natural Pills Supplements

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Discover Adiphene Natural Pills Supplements

Adiphene are being marketed as safe weight-loss pills and going by the numbers so far, have become very popular. There are also no reported side effects of using Adiphene, further increasing the supplement pills popularity. If the online reviews are anything to go by, Adiphene is an effective weight-loss option.

Known Benefits of Adiphene

There are also a good number of reported benefits for Adiphene. When taken on a regular basis, the supplement pills are known to;

  • Reduce appetite
  • Reduce body’s fat absorption
  • Work as fat inhibitor
  • Stimulate body’s metabolism
  • Help you Feel more energetic
  • Increase energy levels in the body

What ingredients go into Adiphene?

There are a total of 12 ingredients found in Adiphene. These are said to work together to promote weight loss, and get results in a relatively short time. For people looking to achieve a slimmer figure, Adiphene has become a popular choice in the form of supplement pills. The ingredients that make up this formula are as follows;

Guarana extract, cinnamon extract, ginger root extract, bitter orange, ginseng panax root extract, vitamin B6, chromium picolinate, cayenne capsicum, glucomannan, cacao extract, I-carnitine HCL and chitosan extract.

Adiphene Adiphene

All these ingredients combined work together to provide the previously mentioned benefits. It has to be said that to get any of the desired results, the user must take the supplement pills on a regular basis.

How Adiphene Actually Works

The ingredients of Adiphene form the core basis of the supplement pills and their benefits. All the known benefits of the 12 mentioned ingredients work in sync to help the body lose weight naturally.

The twelve ingredients combine together to form a potent supplement that reduces body weight in the following ways;

One of the ingredients is an effective fat binder

One of the ingredients reduces appetite

Three of the ingredients are fat metabolizers

Five of the ingredients are high powered stimulants that help to boost the body’s metabolic systems

There are also two ingredients in the supplement that are potent thermogenic boosters

Any Known Side-effects of Adiphene

The main selling point for Adiphene has been no side effects mostly on the basis of the ingredients used. The supplements are believed to promote weight loss without the negative side effects that are common with most pharmaceuticals.

It is however still necessary for people taking the pills to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the pills are being used appropriately. In addition to this, pregnant women and women that are nursing babies are strongly advised to avoid using Adiphene or any other kind of supplements or medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor.

Another point to make is that people with pre-existing medical conditions must first consult their doctor before starting on an Adiphene regime. This also applies for people taking any other kind of medication. It is first important to contact your doctor to find out if these supplements are safe for you to use with any other medications.

Adiphene Pills Supplements Recommended Dosage

The manufacturers recommended dosage is two pills every day. There are 60 pills in every bottle of Adiphene supplements. The first pill is to be taken after breakfast, and the second after lunch.

Where to Get Your Hands on Adiphene Supplements

To be safe, it is important to purchase your Adiphene weight loss supplements straight from the official website. This is the best way to guarantee that the product you are getting is authentic. There are also regular offers and discounts offered by the manufacturer to help you save on costs.

Additional Adiphene Supplements Information

This is to get a better understanding of the ingredients and their claimed benefits. It is always important to have as much information as possible about any supplements that you put into your body.

Guarana Extract – this is s traditionally South American bean with high levels of caffeine. It has been known to suppress appetite while at the same time adjusting the natural metabolic rate of the human body. Other known effects include enhanced physical and mental performance.

Cacao Extract – this is derived from the cocoa beans, which have been said to have certain qualities that inhibit the storage of fat in the body. It is also said to reduce carbohydrate and fat digestion inside the body.

Bitter Orange – this is said to help with suppressing appetite.

Ginseng Panax Root Extract – this is a stimulant. It is said to regulate the body’s metabolism especially where carbohydrates are concerned. It is also thought to help regulate the levels of blood sugar in the body. Other suggested benefits of Ginseng panax root extract include better concentration, better physical stamina and improved memory.

Chromium Picolinate – Thought to regulate insulin in the body, chromium picolinate is another ingredient in Adiphene weight loss supplement pills. By consuming predetermined amounts of chromium picolinate, the user is believed to benefit through promoting the effects of insulin in the body. The result is that the body is better able to reduce the amount of fat stored, as this is one of the functions of insulin. Chromium and picolinic acid are the two major components of Chromium picolinate, both of which are believed to perform their own function in assisting the body to work effectively.


It is always a good idea to visit your doctor before making any decision to use supplements, whether or not they are claimed to be organic. It is also important to note that Adiphene supplements cannot be used to cure any kind of illness. In addition to this, the supplements cannot be used for diagnostic purposes.

This information is basically there to help you understand how Adiphene supplements work, and what ingredients are used for the making of these supplements. It is also a good idea to make your purchase on the main website. This guarantees that you are getting a genuine product. In addition to this, you are more likely to find discounts and promotions to help you save more on costs.


Introducing Adiphene Diet Pills

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Introducing Adiphene Diet Pills
Diet enthusiasts are hailing Adiphene as ‘one of the most powerful fat fighters available’, but what exactly is it and how does it work? Adiphene is one of the latest offerings from RDK, the brains behind the wildly popular Phen375. This alone gives it some credit as a legitimate contender in the diet supplement arena; currently oversaturated with poor quality diet products.

Adiphene claims to be formulated with only highest quality ingredients. Allegedly, these work to encourage weight loss from 5 different angles: stimulating the metabolism, reducing fat absorption, reducing the appetite, accelerating the metabolic process and boosting energy. This is a refreshing approach to tackling fat because, unlike most supplements, it is not limited to one area.

One of the greatest challenges people face when they attempt to lose weight is maintaining an effective balance between eating less and burning fat. If actually shown to be effective, there could be great potential for Adiphene to provide a lasting solution for those who are struggling with yoyo diets and inconsistent weight loss.

Adiphene Adiphene

What is Adiphene?
In order to understand how Adiphene works as a diet supplement, we must first examine what it is. In the manufacturer’s own words, Adiphene is a“multi approach fat loss supplement”. Most diet pills fall into one of several categories; a fat binder, an appetite suppressant, a fat burner and so on. Adiphene is in its own unique category that has not been seen before in a diet supplement.
Normally to experience a full range of desired weight loss effects, one has to combine two or more diet aids or supplements. Adiphene aims to combine several properties into one easy to take supplement, so that all angles are covered with minimum fuss. Adiphene does this by including a special combination of ingredients, each targeted to a different area of weight loss. These are:

1) 5 stimulants: Bitter Orange, Chromium Picolinate, Guaranna extract, Ginseng Panax root extract 10%, Cocoa Extract 98%.

2) 2 Thermogenic boosters: Cinnamon extract 4 %, Cayenne capsicum 40M HU/G.

3) 1 Appetite suppressant –Glucomannan (kanjac root)

4) 1 Fat binder – Chitosan extract

5) 3 Fat metabolizers: Vitamin B6, L-carnitine HCL and Ginger Root Extract

Each ingredient has been individually tested in previous clinical trials, and shown to achieve the desired effect. Adiphene aims to help people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels achieve their weight loss goals. While diet and exercise are obviously beneficial, Adiphene claims to produce results even in the absence of strict diet and exercise.

How does it work?

Adiphene essentially works by boosting your metabolism. The ingredients work together to give you more energy, help you eat less and metabolize more calories while reducing fat absorption. Most slim people have highly effective metabolisms, and are able to convert more of the food they eat into energy and store less as fat.

Adiphene aims to enable larger people to fine tune their metabolisms to operate more like that of a slim person’s, so that they are more efficient. This makes Adiphene a good solution for long term weight loss as the effects are not drastic and temporary, but gradual and ongoing.

How do you take it?
For maximum results you are encouraged to take one capsule with 8oz water 20 minutes before breakfast and one capsule with 8oz water 20 minutes before lunch.
Each pack contains 60 tablets which will last a full month, but to save money it is recommended you buy in bulk; for example if you order 3 bottles you get 1 extra free.  It is recommended that take Adiphene for at least 3 months, as 3 months is the optimum time frame needed to boost your metabolism.
Orders are shipped using UPS and have tracking numbers, delivery, signature confirmation and postal insurance included in the shipping cost. Before taking Adiphene you should consult a doctor if you have a current health condition, have a heart condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What results can you expect?
Testimonials on the site indicate that positive results can be seen within only a few weeks; however it will vary for each individual. Over time the effects will start to show as your metabolism increases and your body inhibits fat absorption. You should experience more energy and a reduced appetite, which will encourage healthier eating habits.
As with any effective weight loss solution, don’t expect a miracle overnight. Time will tell just how effective Adiphene can be for you and your particular weight loss goals.

How to order
Adiphene is only available online. Order it from the official Adiphene site for the best discounts


The Average American Diet – How Do You Stack Up?

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The Average American Diet – How Do You Stack Up?
It’s no secret that the ‘average’ American in today’s world is battling with some type of weight problem.  The vast majority of adults today, especially when it comes to the female population, would desire to be thinner.
Even if you are at a ‘healthy weight’ by medical standards, chances are you still have an inch or two somewhere on your body that you would do without if given the option.
As such, more and more people start up on a diet plan every single day.  But, do these diets really last? And, just what are we eating on our everyday diets?
The results might just surprise you.
Let’s take a closer look into what the average American diet consists of and how you should go about improving upon this.
The Average American Diet
When looking at the average person, we are doing okay in our vegetable consumption with an intake of over 400 pounds of vegetables per year. Keep in mind this does count ketchup and other vegetable based-sauces, which may skew the intake upwards higher than it should be for whole vegetable foods.

On average, we also consume 273.2 pounds of fruits, so while we aren’t eating as many fruits as vegetables, we are getting some in.

Fats and oils also rank in as a large portion of our diet with 85.5 pounds of them consumed by the average American each year.

Red meat comes in at 110 pounds and chicken at 73.6 pounds, which are the two primary protein sources that Americans are eating.  Fish is only ranked in at 16.1 pounds per year, which is far lower than it really should be.

Cheese is also eaten in abundance with 31.4 pounds consumed per year and eggs come in at 32.7 pounds.  Dairy products are one of the most heavily consumed foods at 600.5 pounds of them eaten per person, per year.

Wheat flour comes in at 134.1 pounds per person, which is something that you should be making an effort to bring down.

Worse yet, corn syrup is ranked in at 42 pounds per person and really needs to be brought down lower as corn syrup is one of the leading causes of obesity at the moment.

Changes You Should Make

So what changes should you be making so that you can improve upon ‘average’?

First, focus on making sure that you are eating whole vegetables, preferably dark leafy greens which are most nutrient dense.

Next, bring your fruit intake upwards, focusing on berries, oranges, and apples, which rank low on the GI index scale.  Fish should make up more of your protein choice selection with poultry coming in close behind.  Red meat should make up the lowest protein source in your diet, rather than the highest.

Try and reduce back on full fat cheese and eat more low fat dairy products instead, while reducing your consumption of wheat flour and corn syrup as much as possible.

If you can make these changes as well as take a supportive weight loss supplement such as Adiphene to further your progress along, you should see your body weight naturally decrease along with your risk of a number of diseases.

Don’t be average – be better than average.

The TRUTH about Potatoes, Glycemic Index, and “White Foods” – Friend or Foe for Fat Loss

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The TRUTH about Potatoes, Glycemic Index, and “White Foods” – Friend or Foe for Fat Loss
I’d like to start a little discussion today about carbohydrates… and in particular, “white foods” as well as potatoes. One reason I wanted to mention this is because so many health and fitness professionals trash talk potatoes about being a bad carbohydrate choice because of the high glycemic index. Some even say such ridiculous things as “avoid any and all white carbohydrates”.
Ok, now while I certainly agree that white bread and refined white sugar are two of the worst things we can be feeding our bodies, I definately don’t agree with avoiding any and all “white carbohydrates”. Now I know all of the buzz lately has been about colorful foods and the protective antioxidants that they contain. They tell you to focus on colors and stay away from white.

“White Foods” aren’t necessarily always the enemy

It’s true that colorful foods are great, but it is a big mistake to specifically avoid white foods! There are plenty of white foods that have specific nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere. Let’s look at a few examples…

Onions & Garlic

What about onions and garlic? They are both white and they are chock full of protective phytonutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals that aren’t easy to find elsewhere in a normal diet… such nutrients as allicin, quercetin (an important flavonoid), chromium, and other unique anti-inflammatory nutrients.

In fact, onions are so powerful for our health, that one study of centenarians (people that live to over 100 years old) identified that a common thread of these amazingly healthy individuals was that they ate a lot of onions throughout their lives.   And we also know that garlic is one of the most powerful substances for a strong immune system, among other qualities.


Another example of something white that is great for you is cauliflower. Cauliflower is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and special compounds such as glucosinolates and thiocyanates, which are specifically abundant in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  And a little-known fact is that some of the compounds in cruciferous vegetables help to combat other estrogenic compounds in our food supply and environment and can help prevent excess belly fat.  So eat up on that cauliflower!


Not many people realize this, but surprisingly, even white mushrooms have high levels of unique nutrients and antioxidants. White mushrooms are high in a couple types of antioxidants called polyphenols and ergothioneine.  And some types of mushrooms, such as portobella mushrooms, are surprisingly good sources of Vitamin D.


Now that also leads us to another example – white potatoes (which by the way, can also be found in red, yellow, purple varieties, etc). Many health professionals claim that potatoes are a bad carbohydrate because they are thought to have a high glycemic index. First of all, if you’ve read my Truth about Six Pack Abs ebook, then you understand that glycemic index is not necessarily the most important factor in choosing your carbohydrates.

While a generalization can be made that most low glycemic index carbohydrate choices will help you lose body fat easier than high glycemic index choices, it is not all that it’s cracked up to be. There are many other factors that determine how your body will react-to and process the carbohydrates you ingest, such as glycemic load and also how you combine the high GI food with other foods.

For example, using glycemic load as an example… it is known that watermelon has a high glycemic index. However, the glycemic load of a normal serving of watermelon is just way too low for your body to start packing on body fat just because you ate a high glycemic index fruit. You would have to eat such an enormous quantity of watermelon just to get enough grams of carbohydrates to have any negative glycemic effect, that it is just non-sensical.

Not to mention that watermelon is also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and lycopene. There’s just no reason to avoid it simply because it has a high GI. My point is… candy bars, cupcakes, and donuts make you fat… NOT watermelons, carrots or potatoes… French fries excluded of course.

Also, as i mentioned, food combinations are important in how your body processes the carbohydrates and the associated blood sugar and insulin response you receive. For example, if you mix a high glycemic index carbohydrate with an extra source of fiber, healthy fats, or even certain proteins, many times the blood sugar and glycemic response will be slowed down considerably by the way you combined the food. Again, I talk in detail about this entire topic in my Truth about Six Pack Abs book

Alright, so back to my point that white potatoes are actually a healthy carbohydrate as long as you eat them in the right form… with the entire skin, and please don’t ruin them by deep frying them into french fries either! French fries are one of the most evil things ever invented for your health, but only because we ruin them by soaking them in a scorching bath of trans fats in the deep fryer from the hydrogenated oils that are typically used.

Keep in mind that potatoes contain so many vitamins and minerals that the list is way too long to even try. Also, as long as you eat the skins, you get a decent shot of fiber too.

Will 7-9 potatoes per day make you fatter?

On the topic of potatoes not being so bad after all, I don’t remember where I saw this referenced, but I recently saw a particular study that had participants eat something like 7-9 whole potatoes per day for several weeks.

At the conclusion of the study, the potato eaters had actually consistently lost weight! I’d venture a guess that the reason the people lost weight is that they were probably so full from eating all of those damn potatoes, that they actually consumed less calories than normal! An average sized potato only has about 100-120 calories, and I can surely imagine you’d be full constantly from eating 7-9 potatoes each day.

Of course, this does NOT mean that french fries are ok to eat!  Those will only make you fat, and the trans fat will lead to an early death.  Seriously… fries are one of the most deadly foods in our food supply.  Plus, deep fried potatoes build up dangerous acrylamides from the frying oil reacting with the starch, and these compounds are carcinogenic.

Anyway, back to the 7-9 whole potatoes per day… Now I would never recommend going to those extremes, but my point is that an occasional potato is not going to hurt your efforts to get lean, especially if you combine it with some other fibrous vegetables and maybe a healthy fat and some protein. On that note, I have one of my favorite recipes for you, using potatoes.

Geary’s Lean-Body Potato Side Dish

Desired quantity of baby potatoes (I like to use this mixture I found recently at a health food store… it is a mixture of white, red, yellow, and purple baby potatoes)

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 or 2 onions

a couple cloves of garlic, finely chopped (or mashed garlic from a jar, organic preferably)

1 or 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil and/or virgin coconut oil

a little salt and pepper to taste (I like using a sea salt instead of normal commercial salt)

Cut the baby potatoes into slightly smaller pieces and place in a steamer until soft all the way through. Slice up the peppers and onions into strips and add with the chopped garlic into a pan with the olive oil. Cook the peppers, onions, and garlic until tender, and then add the steamed baby potatoes. Stir it all together and serve. This is a delicious and healthy side dish that goes great with chicken or red meat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little topic today about potatoes, healthy carbohydrates, glycemic index, and my killer healthy potato recipe idea!


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